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The Fondation Culturespaces operates under the auspices of the FACE Fondation, recognized for its public utility and audited by the French Court of Auditors, thus ensuring complete transparency as to how donations are used on general public interest projects.

Tax credit

For every €100 you donate to our foundation, €66 can be set against your tax bill.
Likewise, for corporate donors, €60 can be set against tax for every €100 donated (capped at 0.5% of revenue).

Making a donation?

By cheque

Download the donation bulletin, printed out and send it by land mail to the following address:
Fondation Culturespaces, 153 boulevard Haussmann 75008 Paris

By bank transfer 

Please enter your name in the description box
Domiciliation : Crédit Mutuel Paris Montmartre GB
IBAN: FR78 1027 8060 3900 0220 0234 103

Your tax receipt

The Fondation Culturespaces will send you a tax receipt within no more than 4 weeks following reception of your donation.

Transnational Giving Europe

European donors from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain and Switzerland can now also benefit from tax reductions in their own country by making a donation to the Fondation Culturespaces.